MAR 2013 – Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Starting in 2014, almost everyone will be required to be insured or pay a fine. There are subsidies to help people who can’t afford coverage. Most employers will face fines if they don’t offer coverage for their workers. Newly created insurance markets will make insurance accessible for individuals and small businesses. And Medicaid will be expanded to cover more low-income people.

Insurers will be prohibited from denying coverage to people with medical problems or charging those people more.  An assortment of tax increases health industry fees and Medicare cuts will help pay for the changes.

The following may help you answer questions that you might have and help you better understand your role as an employer as the 2014 Federal ACA mandate approaches.

Does the employer have at least 50 full time equivalent employees?

If NO  Penalties do not apply to small employers

{If the employer has 25 or fewer employees and average wages up to $50,000.00 it may be eligible for a Health insurance tax credit.}

If YES  Does the employer offer coverage to its workers?

If NO   Did at least 1 employee receive a premium tax credit or cost sharing subsidy in an exchange?

If YES  The employer must pay a penalty for not offering coverage.

{The penalty is $2000 annually times this number of full-time employees minus 30. The penalty

 is increased each year by the growth in insurance premiums.}


Does the insurance pay for at least 60% of covered health care expenses for a typical population?

If NO   Employees can choose to buy coverage in an Exchange and receive a premium tax credit.

The employer must pay a penalty for not offering affordable coverage.

{The penalty is $3000 annually for each full time employee receiving a tax credit up to a maximum of$2000 times the number of full time employees minus 30. The penalty is increased    each year by the growth in insurance premiums.}

If YES  Do any employees have to pay more than 9.5% of family income for employer coverage?

If YES  Those employees can choose to buy coverage in an Exchange and receive a premium tax credit.   The employer must pay a penalty for not offering affordable coverage.

{The penalty is $3000 annually for each full time employee receiving a tax credit up to a  maximum of $2000 times the number of full time employees minus 30. The penalty is increased    each year by the growth in insurance premiums.}

If NO   There is no penalty payment required of employer since it offers affordable coverage.


MAR 2013 – Cruisin’ Cuisine Coasting Back to town…showcasing local restaurants

There is no need to track down a food truck or scroll up and down you smart phone app to find  a fun filled and tasty way to treat yourself and your friends to the savory delights of Redlands.  For the third year, the Redlands Chamber will present Cruisin’ Cuisine on Saturday, June 22, when 10 restaurants will offer gastronomic experiences to guests as they stroll from one establishment to another in downtown Redlands sampling specialties, delighting in sophisticated tastes and nibbling signature dishes from our finest eateries.

Guests will purchase a ticket that will include a map and passport to each participating restaurant. Then off they go to taste and test to theirs heart’s delight. At each restaurant guests will have hosts sign their passport that will then make them eligible for a drawing at the end of the evening.  For restaurants not located in downtown Redlands host businesses will partner with them allowing use of facility providing both with great exposure.

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase our restaurants and caterers, get people out of their cars, on their feet and downtown and enjoy an evening in Redlands.”  said Daney Bachiu, Chamber President. “We have some fabulous restaurants in Redlands and Cruisin’ Cuisine is an excellent way for us to highlight them.”

Tickets for the event are $35 per person and are limited. To purchase your tickets or for more information about Redlands Chamber Cruisin’ Cuisine call 793-2546.


MAR 2013 – President’s Article by Daney Bachiu

March, in like a lion, out like a lamb. You probably won’t get this unless you come from the cold North or East, in Redlands it is more like, in like a navel, out like an avocado March. This is my third message, the time certainly is going quickly. Just about the time I get comfortable in my roll as “Queen”, it will be time to abdicate.

I attended the Feb. 20th City Council meeting to voice Chamber support of the underpass improvement program. The areas targeted for improvements are the underpasses at Eureka St, along Pearl Ave to the Orange and 6th Street underpasses. The improvements include upgraded lighting, landscaping, and murals painted on the underpasses. The results of these improvements will enhance the downtown shopping areas and welcome visitors and businesses looking to locate in Redlands. This project will also connect North and South Redlands serving as a conduit to what has long been perceived as a physical division through the center of town. Council directed staff to begin the development process to begin the enhancements.

At the last chamber of commerce board meeting, we set the wheels in motion for our Fantastically Fun Fundraisers. The first on the calendar is our third annual and very popular Cruisin’ Cuisine. If you are not familiar with this event, it showcases ten local restaurants with samplings from their menus. Ticket holders are given a wrist band and walk to each restaurant in no particular order. The event is limited to 200 and I have already sold 4 tickets even though they are not yet printed. It’s a fun way to discover new eateries in and fabulous menus in Redlands.  So, if you want to eat your way through downtown Redlands, buy your tickets or reserve your tickets now before they are sold out! This event will be held Saturday, June 8.

Our second next fabulous event brand new and promises to be all kinds of fun…it’s a “Black Tie” evening at the Bowl. What is so different about that you may ask? Well, it is not the Redlands Bowl, but the Empire Bowl! Yes, that’s right, you will get all glammed up to go bowling…for BLACK TIE BOWLING!!!.

Step out on the red carpet in your gorgeous gown and your dashing tux…. Dine on delectable hors d’oeuvres then slip into your bobby socks and bowling shoes and toss your ball down the alley hoping for a strike!!!! With limited space get your team of 5 together and don’t delay. The Chamber’s Black Tie Bowling will be scheduled in October so start warming up now and call Jan at the chamber to reserve your alley. We have been unsuccessful in procuring land to wallow in the mud, so we decided to take it to the streets in electrical splendor! Kathie Thurston and I went to Irvine in December 2012 to watch their Electric run and it was phenomenal…they had 9000 runners! We don’t have the details hammered out on this one yet, but it will be in December. We will keep all you runners that want to get lit at the Redlands 5K, posted watch for details.

This is all the Queen has to report until April.

The Queen


MAR 2013 – CITY NEWS by Mayor Pete Aquilar

Path Forward for the Redlands Mall

Without a doubt, the most common question the City Council receives from residents and the business community is about the Redlands Mall.  While the Mall isn’t the only underutilized piece of land in the City, at 12 acres of downtown real estate it’s one of the largest and most visible.

The Redlands Mall is privately owned and the current Mall owners have demonstrated for several years now that they are unwilling to develop or significantly invest in the property. It makes sense for the Mall owners to sell to a new team that will partner with the City to make downtown a destination that complements our existing shopping district.  But the Mall owners have shown no interest in offers to buy the property and it has even been a struggle to get them to adequately maintain their property.  The economic crisis certainly played a small role as well.

Despite all this, the City is not just a bystander in the conversation; we have some leverage – most significantly, parking.  The Redlands Mall has never owned dedicated parking for its patrons. The parking spaces surrounding the mall and those in the underground garage are primarily owned and controlled by the City.

This is a considerable bargaining chip for the City as we work to persuade the Mall owners to develop their property or sell it to someone who will.  The agreement with the Mall states that tenants are entitled to a very limited number of parking spaces within the City parking lot surrounding the Mall.  The City could also consider development uses and alternatives for the balance of the parking property but that presents problems that could impede future development.

In the meantime, the City has explored ways to use the City-owned Mall parking to support downtown, such as the highly successful Food Truck event last summer.

Some members of the public and business communities have also suggested Eminent Domain.  The problem with Eminent Domain, or unfriendly condemnation, is that we could not control the total price of the property.  Eminent Domain would start us down a path where the City could incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultant, legal and court expenses to acquire the Mall.

Each party would spend money challenging the other’s perceived valuation of the Mall, and then the City would pay the sum determined by the court in addition to legal expenses.

This isn’t about a lack of political will.  This is about the lack of assurances that the City won’t be left with the entire cost of the Mall in addition to ongoing obligations.

I am also uncertain where these funds would come from at the City.  I doubt there would be any real support from my Council colleagues to jeopardize our financial footing to buy the Mall.

I have yet to meet a developer or private partner who is willing to give the City a blank check to undertake these efforts.  Neither does the city’s track record of buying property give me confidence that Eminent Domain is in the best interest for our community.

The City recently released a Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P) from members of the development community to bring us proposals and formal ideas to revitalize the Mall at its highest and best use for the community.

We have three objectives in moving forward:

  • Avoid continued neglect of the Mall;
  • Reuse and monetize the Mall site and the City‐owned property surrounding the site to generate liquidity, tax revenues, and job creation; and
  • Ensure acquisition of the Mall property by a qualified development team who will partner with the city, bring experience of developing commercial/residential property, and has the financial resources to develop the property;

If we are successful in signing an agreement with someone who will help us meet these goals the City’s control over much of the parking associated with the development site will ensure us an active role in the discussions between the interested parties since the City has control of much of the parking associated with the development site.

It is our hope that within this calendar year we will see some movement that points to a change in ownership and a comprehensive vision for the Mall site.

Our path forward on the Mall is simple – we need to partner with a new development team who can share in our vision to develop a mixed-use project that revitalizes downtown, complements the core, and generates economic activity.

MAR 2013 – Cash Mob to hit Redlands

Changing up the “Shop Redlands” focus… the Young Professionals Network of the Chamber is orchestrating a new approach to focus attention on shopping locally.

You’ve heard of flash mobs, where people appear to randomly gather and break into elaborate song and dance routines, well instead of breaking into song, the Young Professionals are bringing together CASH MOBS …. where members of “mobs” break open their wallets to spend money at locally owned businesses.  The formula is straightforward: People commit to spending at least $20 each at a local business to help support, expose and market it, which hopefully brings in new customers.

Like flash mobs, cash mobs are organized using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and email.  While the name of the business will remain “top secret” until the day of the “mob” the excitement and anticipation will grow each day. The mob will meet at a central location and descend on the business en-mass, creating a sense of fun, excitement and most of all; support for our local businesses.

After the mobbing participants will gather at a “watering hole” to compare notes, show off purchases, meet new friends and plan the next mob.

Log on the REDLANDSCASHMOB or call the Chamber office to learn more about this month’s Cash Mob. If you would like to be “mobbed” contact the Chamber office at 793-2546 or email us at



Chamber welcomes new chamber members:
Margo Barefoot
P. O. Box 216
Angelus Oaks, CA  92305
Phone:  794-3802
Web Site:
Margie Miller
22797 Barton Road
Grand Terrace, CA  92313
Phone:  370-1200            
Web Site:
Deena Imamura
27959 Highland Avenue
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Phone:  862-8000
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Jill Eaton
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Phone:  885-6503
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Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-1000
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Martin Walker
1255 W. Colton Avenue
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Associate Member
Mentone, CA  92359
Phone:  760-408-0289
Tom Robinson
4 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 210
Newport Beach, CA  92660
Phone:  949-631-6620
Jeff Morton
Industrial Park
Phone:  818-886-4471
Web Site:





MAR 2013 – Chamber members renewing February 2013

Alan Ricard
1425 W. Lugonia Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  809-3643
Dave Molloy
600 Iowa
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-7676
Keith Moreland
1654 Plum Lane
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  792-8950
Jennifer Rowe
27530 Lugonia Avenue, Suite C
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  562-948-4317
Ray Alexander
501 W. Redlands Blvd, Suite A
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  748-5110
Ben Cook
1710 Sessums Drive
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  389-1400
Amanda Buchholz
24541 Redlands Blvd
Loma Linda, CA  92354
Phone:  799-1010
Dave Maupin
310 E. Citrus Avenue
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-1712
Dale Williams
521 Wellwood Avenue
Beaumont, CA  92223
Phone:  793-1001
Kevin Kasin
900 Salem Drive
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-9195
Allan Steward
1255 W. Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  363-4700
Tyler Miner
429 Texas Street
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  793-8461
Cal Boothby
310 Alabama Street, Suite P
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  793-9082
Ralph Feller
131 Cajon Street, Suite 5
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  798-0953
Angela Williams
215 South Eureka Street
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  792-3958
Ali Arciniega
1706 Plum Lane, Suite 103
Redlands, CA  92374
Phone:  335-8565
Rick Gunn
P. O. Box 2296
Redlands, CA  92373
Phone:  918-8690
Doug Padgett
1720 Mountain View Avenue
Loma Linda, CA  92354
Phone:  796-6915

MAR 2013 – MEMBER PROFILE – Century Group Newspapers

Century Group Newspapers is a locally owned, independent group of community newspapers dedicated to serving some of Southern California’s most desirable markets in the Inland Empire. Its products are the primary source of local news and advertising in the communities they serve. Those communities include Yucaipa, Calimesa, Banning, Beaumont, Highland and Fontana. In a nation dominated by corporate newspaper ownership, the Century Group is proud of the fact that they survive — and thrive — as a locally-owned, completely independent group of community newspapers dedicated to serving some of Southern California’s most desirable markets in what’s known as the Inland Empire.

The East Valley area papers are delivered free to most homes. They also have paid subscribers and sell papers weekly in racks through local stores. With a verified circulation of more than 96,000, the Century Group Newspapers provide more comprehensive local coverage and local shopping information than any other media in the markets they serve reaching 240,000 readers.

Gerald A. (“Jerry”) Bean founded the chain in 1987 when he left his job as publisher of the San Bernardino Sun. He has bought and sold newspapers throughout California over the last twenty years, at one point owning ten papers ranging from the Central Valley, to the Los Angeles area, and to the Inland Empire. He now runs four community weeklies and one semi-monthly paper for a retirement community in the Beaumont area (Sun Lakes Life)

To learn more about the Century Group Newspapers, how to advertise or how to access log on to or call the president Toebe Bush at 797-9101

MAR 2013 – Member Profile – Anytime Fitness

Over 1 million members choose Anytime Fitness. Why? Because it’s convenient, affordable, and fun. And with 24/7 access to thousands of clubs around the globe, you can work out on your terms. The Redlands facility is conveniently located at 500 N Orange Street in downtown Redlands.

As a neighborhood-style fitness club, Anytime Fitness is right where you need them. Close to home or close to work.  They accommodate your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. With your membership, you can work out when it’s best for you—day or night! Their clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At Anytime Fitness you hold the key, literally. Access to the clubs is protected by their state-of-the-art security system and will only be granted with the proper key. Once inside, you have full use of cutting-edge strength training and cardio equipment.

It doesn’t cost a lot to achieve your fitness goals at Anytime Fitness—with awesome equipment and the support and encouragement from club staff, you get far more than you would expect for the price.  Additionally, your club may offer reimbursement programs. Many health insurance providers and employers will subsidize monthly dues based on how often you work out each month.

You will find amazing amenities at Anytime Fitness. Clubs are geared up with the essential elements of a great workout. Their fitness equipment vendors are the best in the industry, and club owners stay current with the latest technology! They offer a wide variety of cardio, strength, and free weight equipment to ensure that you get the best possible workout.

To help you get started, each new member receives a FREE personal fitness orientation, including an explanation and demonstration of basic exercise principles and a quick, safe, and effective exercise program.

Each Anytime Fitness club is independently owned and operated. A visit to the club will help you learn even more. Stop by and visit the local club and talk to Redlands Anytime Fitness Team at the Orange Plaza across the parking lot from Vons and Trader Joe’s. Call for more information 798-5000,  or visit them on line at